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"Blue Zones" are areas of the world with a high concentration of people with longer lifespans and healthier qualities of life. Many individuals from Blue Zones attribute this increased quality of life to the power of diet and clean eating. On the Greek island of Ikaria, a Blue Zone, the Karimalis family runs a sustainable and organic farm, a winery producing natural wines, traditional farm stay accommodations, as well as their own cooking school and farm restaurant.

George and Eleni Karimalis, a nutritionist and a chef, travel around the world sharing the food and lifestyle from their home of Ikaria. We are honored that George and Eleni reached out to Fresh Thymes to bring an Ikarian Cooking Workshop and Dinner to Boulder, CO. 

Karimalis Ikarianwine

George and Eleni have gathered data and insight over the last 30 years on the cooking, diet, and lifestyle of Ikaria. During the workshops, the instructors give tips that connect cooking with longevity, proper diet, lifestyle, and wellbeing.

Their work has been published in several books, articles, documentaries, and TV shows.

The diet of Ikaria is a very genuine version of the Mediterranean diet, considered both delicious and incredibly healthy. It is a plant-focused diet, consisting of nearly 90% plants and 10% animal products.

The main concept of Ikarian cooking is, "How to cook tasty food without killing the nutrients".

Location: Fresh Thymes Marketplace, 2690 28th St. Unit F, Boulder, CO 80301


     - Thursday, November 3rd at 5PM (SOLD OUT)

     - Friday, November 4th at 5PM (SOLD OUT)

     - Saturday, November 5th at 5PM (SOLD OUT)

Limited spots are available!

The Ikarian Cooking Workshop is 50% demo, 50% hands-on, providing ample opportunity for engagement with George and Eleni. The workshop lasts for 4 hours. At the end, we share a meal with freshly prepared food, along with wine from the Karimalis family vineyard.

The ingredients will be mostly organic plants, such as legumes, vegetables, fruits, some grains, extra virgin olive oil, and nuts. Minimal animal products such as dairy or eggs may also be used in some recipes. Participants will get the recipes before the workshop. As this class will be held at Fresh Thymes, we are more than happy to assist with any food allergies/sensitivities. Please reach out to katy@freshthymes.com with these in advance of the class!