Challah Style Love Buns

Fresh Thymes

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Close up of a golden brown bread bun with sesame seeds on top.

These little Love Buns courtesy of Havenly Baked are a delightful alternative to the standard dinner roll. They're light, slightly sweet and flavorful as all get out. 


Please note, these are processed in a commercial kitchen that has contact with wheat and other allergens like nuts, soy etc. 

~gluten-free, dairy-free, full of love~

Made with: gluten-free brown rice flour, gluten-free sorghum flour, gluten-free organic buckwheat flour, gluten-free potato starch, organic coconut sugar, eggs whites from humanely certified raised hens, organic flax seeds, organic psyllium husk, sunflower oil, organic vinegar, salt, yeast, and xantham gum

Allergen notes: Contains egg, sunflower, yeast. Produced in a commercial facility that processes wheat, soy, nuts and other allergens. 

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